2016-2017 International Ocean Discovery Program (IODP) Lecturer
Professor Cathy Busby
offers lectures on:

Anatomy of a Long-Lived
Oceanic Arc: Synthesis of Three IODP Expeditions in the Izu-Bonin-Marianas Arc

Ocean Discovery Lecture Series
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NSF-REU (Research Experience for Under-graduates) BAJA BASINS

with Professor Tina Niemi, University of Missouri Kansas City Link:
Baja Basins
Professor Cathy Busby,
Co-Chief Scientist

(with Dr. Yoshi Tamura):

International Ocean Discovery Program, Expedition 350,

March 30 to May 30, 2014
Link: IODP
New NSF Grant
with Professor Sue DeBari
Western Washington University
(also on IODP Expedition 350):

Outstanding Exposure of Intact Unmetamorphosed Upper to Middle Crustal Oceanic Arc Section,
Baja California:
Analog to IODP Ultra-Deep Drilling Site, Izu-Bonin Arc

Link: Western Mexico Geology
Cathy Busby has been a professor at the University of California for 32 years. Her B.S. is from Berkeley, and her Ph.D. is from Princeton, both in Geological Sciences. Cathy is a field-based geologist, doing research in sedimentology, volcanology, and structural geology, in convergent margin and rift tectonic settings. Her work is mainly sponsored by the National Science Foundation, but has also been supported by the geothermal, mineral and petroleum industries, and the U.S. Geological Survey. Most recently, Cathy has become involved in oceanographic research, serving as Co-Chief Scientist on International Ocean Discovery Program Expedition 350 to the Izu-Bonin arc (2014). Cathy teaches short courses and field workshops on sedimentary tectonics, deepwater sedimentation, and volcanic-volcaniclastic geology.