Photo Gallery
Cathy at Princeton Cathy with her dogs
  Professor Cathy Busby
(at left) in 1979, in the field at Mineral King (wearing her Princeton Geology t-shirt)
and (at right) today with her dogs.
Photo Credit: Dr. Richard Fiske
photo of Nancy Riggs
Dr. Nancy Riggs
Northern Arizona University

photo of 2010 Penrose Conference
2010 Penrose Conference at Mono Lake
convened by Keith Putirka and me

photo of Keith Putirka
Dr. Keith Putirka
CSU Fresno
photo of Cathy and dogs
Cathy and her dogs

photo of Cathy in Kauai
Professor Busby
with a very thick stack
of lava flows on Kauai.

photo of Cathy on lava tube
Professor Busby
climbs on top of a lava tube.

photo of Cathy and Deb Bereki

Cathy with Deb Bereki, who holds a UCSB PhD in Geoscience Education -
at the new Dinosaur Hall, Natural History Museum of Los Angeles.
Cathy also helped organize a Princeton Club of Southern California event there.

Photo credit: Dolores van der Kolk,
a geology PhD student at UT Austin.